Web Development & Digital Strategy

Website Development

Our team provides web services for sites hosted on the Rice.edu domain that meet university brand standards. Whether you need a site refresh or are looking to create a new one, we will help you build a current, functional and effective website that is designed for your audience and aligns with your objectives.

In an effort to unite and enhance the many different pages and sub-sites connected to the Rice.edu domain, web standards have been created for developers that provide a common, visually appealing look and consistent functionality. Our goal is to project a unified and branded presence and to guarantee that visitors to Rice.edu have a quality experience. The guidelines provide ample space for creative, customized designs and content to meet the needs and objectives of the sub-site or page, while also including a few required core elements.

Once your site is running effectively, we will show you how to utilize analytics, such as traffic trends, create reports and understand specific topics your audience is responding to in order to build a powerful content strategy.

Digital Information Accessibility Policy (851)

The purpose of this policy is to provide the required Accessibility Standards for all publicly available web pages created, implemented, or modified after October 31, 2020. Additionally, this policy provides a framework to remediate existing publicly available web pages information in a timely manner.