Video Standards

We recommend the following advice and guidelines for a unified and distinguished video look for Rice University organizations using video to tell their stories. Below, you’ll find tips that cover some common questions ranging from what should our video start with, how much does a video cost to produce, should you chose to hire an outside vendor and which graphics should I use?

How do we create a video?

Our goal in Public Affairs is to create short videos reporting on campus-wide events, research developments, expert commentary and timely feature stories that can be used in Rice News, on, and for pitches to external news media and social media channels. The videos we produce may be used by schools, departments and other units for their websites, publications and presentations. Rice schools and departments should contact their News and Media Relations representative to suggest ideas for videos, just as they do for Rice News stories and news releases. The Public Affairs videographer is focused on short, timely and news-related stories. For multiday, long-term projects or series, contact your News and Media Relations representative for a list of recommended outside vendors. Discover tips for hiring a video professional here.

Opening Title Slide

Place the Rice logo in an appropriate space on screen.

Opening Title Slide

Closing Title Slide

Please click to download the .png

Closing Title Slide

Lower Thirds

General Guidelines

  • Use lower thirds for subject identification and title and refer to for official administration and faculty titles.
  • Use lower third on subject’s first appearance and just once.
  • Use Trajan font for names and Helvetica bold about 50 percent smaller for titles. Please use all caps for consistency.
  • Place class year after names of Rice students and alumni. Trajan makes numbers larger than text so please drop font size to match names.

Below are two versions we recommend. One has the Rice shield and the other offers a cleaner look. Click photo to download a .png of the banner with the shield.

Lower Thirds (Female Student)

Lower Thirds (Male Professor)

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance (Female Student)

It’s a requirement for businesses to ensure access to persons with disabilities. YouTube and Vimeo have built-in software that provide closed captioning. If you choose to host your own video, please provide closed captions.